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Taken by M F Saltoun - copyright

Reiki is a holistic natural healing modality that emphasises on balancing both the mind and the body.  Reiki is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation.  Reiki also promotes healing within the body and restores physical and emotional well-being.


Reiki is a life force energy and is administered by ''laying on the hands'' by an attuned practitioner.  When our vibrational energy is low and/or our energy flow becomes blocked we are more susceptible to becoming sick or stressed.  When our vibrational energy is high then we function better at the high energy level which promotes overall well-being within ourselves.   A full session is typically one hour and can equate to about three to four hours sleep.


REIKI (REI) is translated as ''God's wisdom'' or The Higher power and (KI) is translated as ''life force energy''.

It is vitally important that you take on board the following:


REIKI is NOT a substitute for modern medicine. Any ailments you have or concerns you have, however small, should be discussed with your Health Care Provider.   Reiki is not a religion or involves any belief system whatsoever as it is spiritual in nature.


REIKI IS safe and can be given to woman (including pregnant women), men, children, infants.   Everyone can benefit from Reiki and Energy  healing.  It is safe to be used in conjunction with modern day medicine.


If you  have any doubts whatsoever then please do discuss with your Health Care Provider before embarking on any treatment.