Taken by M F Saltoun - copyright
Rain Forrest - West Forrest



HEALING STUDIO   - you will lie on a massage table, fully clothes and covered with a cosy blanket, if required. It is very important that you are comfortable and relaxed.  The room will be filled with the aroma of essential oils. and relaxation music will be played. You have a choice of natural day light or a darkened room with subdued lighting.  The choice is yours as creating the correct ambience for relaxation is paramount and one you must be comfortable with.


Reiki is given by myself through my hands with a light touch or non-touch.  In doing this I manipulate the energy circuits (Chakras) in your physical and subtle body to regain balance and to facilitate your own healing mechanisms.


AT YOUR PLACE - If you are hindered leaving your own environment and require a house visit then this can be arranged.   Reiki can be given lying down, sitting on a chair, standing or in a wheelchair. This service is offered on a case to case basis.


HOLISTIC FESTIVALS - I attend local and out of town festivals from time to time.  At the festivals you can have a 20 min taster session of some therapies.  I would refer you to the Notice Board for the next event.  You can book a session in advance for the festivals.


DISTANCE REIKI  - As an attuned Practitioner I also offer distance healing.  A suitable date and time is preferred to be organised and a discussion prior to initiating the healing.