EQUILIBRIUM..... is a new relaxed weekly Interactive workshop, brought to you by and facilitated by myself.


Are you Interested in living with a balanced body, mind & soul? Equilibrium is a group of like minded souls keen to involve themselves with a conscious expansion of their own personal development.


Become involved within a safe and friendly environment . Interaction will come freely from your comfort within the group. Learn then practice new techniques encompassing the huge umbrella of well-being & Wellness, which will include Healing Modalities & Meditation, a subject topic of the evening, discussion and much more.

Classes are at 7.15 pm on a  Wednesday and booking is essential. Contact me directly for further information.


ENTRANCED WILL BE AT BODY MIND SPIRIT ON 14-15 Oct from 10am each day (Sat & Sun). Healings, Massage, Reiki Gifts ETC.....  COME AND SEE US ON LEVEL 2 STAND C4