Singing Bowl


What is Sound and Vibration Healing?


Everyone has a vibration that is a signature of their health and wellbeing. As we have previously mentioned raising your level of vibration within your body is paramount to well-being.   Relating music to having a low vibration is a bit like an instrument ''being out of tune''. 


Sound and vibration can be used to re-tune us to health and one of the most powerful modalities for this is the use of Tibetan singing bowls. When there is a deep relaxation through soothing, resonant sound, the body is affected on a cellular level, opening up the flow of energy to move us back toward vibrational alignment with health. Sound can help us shift our energy frequency from lower to higher, removing the lower frequencies of emotions such as fear, anger, and resentment.


I used the signing bowl when working at The Cancer Society in order to conduct a wee experiment on how the sound made them feel.  There was NO negative feedback. Some clients actually advised that they could ''feel'' the vibration of the sound. The sound of the bowls is calming, and they are frequently used as a meditation aid as the sound induces a sense of peacefulness.  If you wish I will use the singing bowl as part of your healing.  I do highly recommend it. I also use The Rain Maker which is made from Bamboo.  It creates a sound like rain.  It always makes me visualise the rain forrest. The light rain hitting of the green bush thinking about and smelling the warm air and rain, the earthy smells from the forrest floor and the sheer beauty of the forrest.  Absolutely enchanting receiving a healing accompanied by these beautiful peaceful and relaxing tools. 


The human body is made up of 70 percent of water, so when you strike a singing bowl next to your body, the vibration makes a mandala (a pattern) in your body, which is healing & relaxing. This therefore is so beneficial in the healing process and when combined with other healing modalities you are being delivered a multitude of well-being and healing.

Rain Maker