There may come a time when you make that decision that you just want to take control of your life in terms of Spiritual Growth.  Learning all about and becoming attuned to Reiki can play a vital part of  your personal growth.  It is time to spread your wings and to grow but first of all the seeds must be planted firmly and nurtured well to allow you an abundance of growth.




You will learn about what Reiki is and how it can be used for self-healing.  You are taking ownership of self in it's entirety.  At level 1 you may  practice on others, friends & members of your family.  Reiki 1 - 1st Degree  is NOT at practitioner level. However all Level 2 - 2nd Degree applicants must have completed the expected training and attunements relating to the Level 1 - 1st Degree.



Reiki is a holistic natural healing modality that emphasises on balancing both the mind and the body. Reiki is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. Dr Usui is the Master who brought Reiki into the modern world. The history of course is a lot deeper and you will also learn of the origin of Reiki.  Reiki also promotes healing within the body and restores physical and emotional well-being.



Reiki is a life force energy and is administered by ''laying on the hands'' by an attuned practitioner.




Interested?  You will learn the art of this Energy Healing at Level 1, you will learn about your very own vibrational energy and you will learn the Usui Method of Reiki.

Are you ready to walk on the Reiki Path? Please contact me directly in order to arrange an initial Meeting.

Reiki is not a substitute for modern medicine. Any ailments you have or concerns you have, however small, should be discussed with your Health Care Provider. Reiki is not a religion or involves any belief system whatsoever as it is spiritual in nature.




A question that must be asked is are you ready to advance to Reiki 2? Also, what are your intentions in relation to Reiki? When you feel you are ready to answer these questions then it is time for you to choose your Master Teacher.  The Master Teacher will invite you for a private meeting to discuss not only your intentions but also to get a feel on how Reiki will become part of your life.


Once you have completed Reiki Level 2 - 2nd Degree then you can utilise your skills as a Reiki Practitioner.  However please note that you must have undertaken the full Reiki Attunements to be able to do so.


Reiki Energy is quite unique amongst Energy Healing Modalities as it requires the individual to be attuned by a Master Teacher who works with Reiki Energy on a regular basis. The more Reiki you practice the stronger the connection becomes.  It is the attunement process that sets reiki apart from other Modalities.  Can you learn Reiki through reading about it?  Our answer is no as the attunement procedure and full respect of this ancient healing Modality is paramount.


In Level 2 you will be taught Reiki Symbols and you will learn how to draw and how to initiate and work with these symbols. The class has considerably more interaction as we work through meanings and the if, why & when's of utilising Reiki Energy.